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Business consultant George Molsbarger and David Tanner of the Michael & Tanner Accounting Firm, published their endowment of $280,000 to the “Friends of The Children Foundation” in exertion to backing their campaign to assist children who are need of legal assistance.

Friends of the Children Foundation

Geroge Molsbarger

The twelve-month campaign raises trusts to furnish free legitimate help to low-salary inhabitants with civil lawful requirements. "Government subsidizing for lawful support keeps on dropping, while the requirement for master bono develops. The poor in our neighborhood are relying on attorneys like us to keep access to equity alive," says Richard Thomas, head of the campaigns fund raising.


You can also contribute at individual level by being a part of this effort, by volunteering your time ,donating money and spreading the messege through your social networks such as facebook,twitter,google plus etc. so they may also help improve social and economic welfare of society we all live in.

Each and every effort counts when it comes to helping those in need. So please step forward and join the cause.



Connect with us, and share your thoughts, donate us, or help in any ways you can to improve us with our cause. We really appriciate even the smallest help we can get. But then again, no help is small, everything makes a big difference.

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